Full Circle

Posted September 10th, 2012 @ 07:09pm by: Site Admin

This is a very weird and unique business that I am in, and like any other occupation it becomes a small world and all the players know each other and have a great time together. We are also each others best customers. I had 2 people in the shop the other day, that I really like and enjoy, and they told me a story that I just had to share with you. I will let them tell it in their own words.

Hey Kathy-

Great talking to you yest. Here is a pic of the fireplace we spoke about. The story goes that Tom and Peter( dealer @second hand rose & maybe still teresa's?) were attending the same auction in the spring. Tom bought a organ for $5. By the end of auction, buyers remorse & what in the **** am I going to do with this thing set it.  He sold it to peter for $15, maybe $20. By fall or a little later (maybe christmas season) I was shopping @ Second Hand Rose and  fell in LOVE with this fireplace mantel.  I went back Sunday @ closing time and Kris Hart was loading it into her vehicle to take home because sale was over. Tom bought it for me. A few monthes later we were talking with Peter & found out that he sold the organ that he bought from Tom to Kris & they made a fireplace mantel out of it & it was the beloved fireplace mantel that we purchased from Kris! One piece, full circle, completely repurposed. Welcome to our life as dealers. haha.    Hope your sale was fabulous (and $$$). Talk to you soon. Tom and Lori.

Kris and Mike are so very talented and basically turn bricks into gold in their own special way with all the junk they come across. They are very very talented and not to mention......fun!


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