A trick to cleaning white furniture

Posted April 24th, 2014 @ 12:04am by: Site Admin

After pics of chairs after a good cleaning After pics of chairs after a good cleaning

You would not believe how dirty these chairs were when I first bought them. I brought them home after getting them at the thrift store and first I painted the legs and distressed them and then I cleaned them. My trick to cleaning clothes and upholstery is so good most of the time. Sometimes it will take out color so you have to test before doing this for sure........Okay what I do when I begin is pour peroxide all over the stain, let it soak in really good and then I pour baking soda ontop of the whole area and I let it sit for as long as possible. 1 hour right thru to 24 hours. The worse the stain the longer I let it sit. It is unbelievable how good it works. These chairs turned out just beautifully. I do it on clothes all the time too and it is just like magic...........try it you won't believe it, oh by the way it can be used on carpet too.

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